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Kevin Durant responds to Twitter trolls after Warriors winning NBA title without him

Many NBA fans and media publications have been roasting Kevin Durant after the Golden State Warriors won the NBA finals.

When Kevin Durant left the Warriors, it was speculated that it would be impossible for the Warriors to win another title in the near future, but Steph Curry and his team have proven everyone wrong by winning the latest NBA title. 

This recent title win by the Warriors is their fourth championship in the last eight years.

Kevin Durant Responds to Twitter Trolls

Responding to a fan who wrote, “Kevin Durant’s legacy just died, He’s now just the guy between Harrison Barnes and Andrew Wiggins.” “The guy who left the Beatles”

Durant wrote “I been dead since July 4th 2016, but congrats to the dubs and my boy Steezy, a Fillmore legend, man been waitin his whole life for a parade on market st.”

Kevin Durant Twitter

It seems like there is no bad blood between Durant and the Warriors, but he will have to prove himself by winning a title for him.

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