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NBA insider discusses what Nets are looking for in Kevin Durant trade

The Brooklyn Nets are likely sorting through numerous trade offers to Kevin Durant. A new report reveals what they’re actually seeking.

Any Durant deal will likely include three or four future first-round selections and multiple swaps for picks to cover drafts (NBA rules prohibit players from trading first-round selections in successive drafts).

The nets’ main difference will likely be the younger players they will be able to use to help kickstart their reconstruction.

As per Marc Stein, they’re in search of a blue-chip player.

The Nets, as we’ve been saying, don’t have to proceed as fast as the basketball world wants — not with Durant under contract for the next four seasons. Brooklyn privately maintains that it won’t trade Durant unless it gets a package in return that starts with a blue-chipper like New Orleans’ Brandon Ingram or Toronto’s Scottie Barnes … along with lots more attached to a theoretical deal than the absolute hauls San Antonio and Utah received in exchange for Murray and Gobert.

Marc Stein

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