Steph Curry takes aim at old Lakers' "Strategy of buying old Superstar"

Steph Curry takes aim at old Lakers’ “Strategy of buying old Superstar”

Steph Curry seemed to be enjoyed his hosting opportunity at ESPYs. He Poked fun at the “OLD” Laker’s strategy of buying old superstars.

Steph Curry of the Warriors was in the spotlight on Wednesday, as he hosted Los Angeles’ ESPY Awards.

Naturally, he took advantage of the opportunity to poke fun at the Lakers.

While paying tribute to the NFL Champion Rams team, he turned his eyes on the NBA franchise Los Angeles.

“It was so inspiring watching y’all [the Rams] play, watching y’all win a Super Bowl, watching y’all celebrate. It’s just inspiring to see that strategy of buying old superstars pay off for a local team around here,”

Steph Curry Said

The Lakers have faced criticism for their efforts to put together a supporting roster for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They signed every former star they could. But unfortunately, It didn’t work for them this season.

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