A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Last Sunday we said a fond farewell to our Holiday tea events with a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for children of all ages.  It was quite well attended and as much fun for us as it was for our guests!  At the entryway, our White Rabbit guarded an assortment of rare first edition Alice and Wonderland books and other Alice items that added to the building excitement.

With Alice in Wonderland touches and ‘un-birthday celebrations’ throughout the room, it was not the typical Afternoon Tea experience.

For the adults, in honor of the occasion, the kitchen added a marvelous foie gras tea sandwich to the mix, but where things really notched up in excitement was on the pastry side!  The L’Espalier pastry department created lovely lingonberry frangipane ‘Eat Me’ cakes to accompany the ‘Drink Me’ bottles of our signature iced tea and fresh house made ginger-ale on each table.

Another highlight of the sweet delights were the handmade edible Bergamot tea cups filled with a delicate Nepalese Black Tea Chantilly cream.  The Mad Hatter would be proud.

Now as we all relax after the busy holiday season and get our breath, tea can still be a part of that relaxation.  For those of you who may have caught that nasty cold/flu that is making it’s way around, what better comfort than a classic, or not so classic Hot Toddy.  To aid us all on the road to recovery, or perhaps just to help us relax on these cold, cold days, we are looking forward to the theme for our next ‘Sunday Tasting’ on January 27th at 2PM which features an assortment of Hot Toddies sure to please every palate and chase away that cold.  In the meantime, I hope you all have the time to relax over a good cup of tea.

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