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Ali Abdalaziz Willing to bet $1 Million On Kayla Harrison to Submit McGreggor On Ground

ali abdalaziz on kayla harrison

Ali Abdalaziz the CEO of Dominance MMA Management is continuing his beef with Conor McGreggor.

Today Ali Abdalaziz tweeted “I will put up $1 million @KaylaH Will submit  McGregor on the ground” check out his embedded tweet below.

I will put up $1 million @KaylaH Will submit McGregor on the ground ????????????

โ€” Ali Abdelaziz (@AliAbdelaziz00) July 3, 2021

Kayla Harrison is being managed by ali abdalaziz himself, he is a smart man he is hitting two birds in one shot. he is creating hype for Kayla Harrison as well as teasing conor to fight his guy Kamaru Usman.

This is not the first time Ali has said something about conor, for instance check out below embedded tweet to see how he trolled Conor McGregor. 

He took your soul away ????

โ€” Ali Abdelaziz (@AliAbdelaziz00) June 25, 2021

Currently we all know how Kamaru Usman is waiting to see any miracle so that he he duck Colby Covington. also his manager is of same thought, they wants to get away from colby that’s why they are trying there chances against Nate Diaz, Stephan Thompson & Now Conor McGreggor.

Analysis Of Tweet Of Ali Abdalaziz

We all agree Kayla Harrison is good on ground but she hasn’t fought someone who is of her calliber, like ronda rousey, miesha tate, Amanda Nunes etc.

Now coming to Ali’s tweet, Comparing a female fighter who is still on the path of her legacy to the guy who made this sport much more bigger than anybody would have ever thought, is just not fare.

What Ali Wants is the controversy from Mcgreggor, I agree that we need such marketing stunts to build up some hype but Ali should have used Usman’s name instead of Kayla.

Conor Has Also Trolled Ali Abdalaziz & His Man Kamaru Usman

Earlier In Previvous Month Conor McGreggor Retweeted a post captioned “This what happens when you fail to promote yourself as a fighter and just decide to copy and paste instead” 


โ€” Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) June 22, 2021

Is Conor McGreggor Vs Kamaru Usman is Possible ?

Yes there is absolute possibility of this fight happening but all depends on Conor beating Dustin Poirier. 

If Conor Manages to get a win over Dustin, it will open the doors to Lightweight Championship as well as Welterweight Championship.

Conor Might take Lightweight Strap then Moves Up to Welterweight Division, its hard to say anything about it now but Conor Vs Usman does make the sense only thing is that Conor has to get one or two wins.


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