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Conor McGregor reacts to UFC 269 Promo! Calls him bin

UFC Superstar, Best of Ireland Conor McGregor has taken a shot at UFC for showcasing Dustin’s missed right hand and Conor Snapping his leg.

Just a day before UFC released an official promo for their upcoming PPV UFC 269. In promo the footage from their trilogy fight included, Where Dustin fails to land his right hand and then Conor falls back as he snaps his leg ankle.

UFC 269 Promo

Conor reacted to UFC 269 Promo

“Is that the only shot yous had of him “landing” in that fight? Didn’t land.” Wrote by Conor in his reply. Conor also called it garbage and also trashed UFC for putting such clip into the promo to promote sale of PPVs.

“He just bowled forward while I’m on one leg there. Garbage! It’s 1 a piece and any push other wise is for the bin. Stick me in this promo in the back ground as a dark, rich, evil shadow. Boost the Ppv’s” Said by conor on twitter.

Don’t get me wrong, but let me say this, People were actually mad when Conor brought Jolie Poirier into this, but nobody saw that Dustin celebrated this fight as if he really KO’d Conor.

In the trilogy fight, Conor was winning the first part of round one, then Dustin had his moments in the second part and they stood up and his leg was snapped.

I believe Conor had this fight on standup and would have been interesting if they were gone through that second round.

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