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The Guest Book:

Matt Zizik on

Looking forward to meeting my cousin over dinner.

Jonathan Kurpis on

I'm looking forward to eating at L'Espalier with ESG during my visit to Boston next october.

Dave Ross on

great rest....

Kevin Beedon on

My wife and I are looking forward to celebrating her birthday with you this Friday, the 2nd of November. She has been looking forward to enjoying the entire L'ESPALIER experience.

David W. Zizik on

Looking forward to dinner tonight at your restaurant!

linda duffy on

Our dinner, on the occasion of my husband's 60th birthday, was the most wonderful dining experience of our lives. We have travelled extensively, and truly enjoy fine dining. However, the ambiance, food and particularly the service at L'Espalier was outstanding. To add to our delight, upon returning home to Delaware, there was a lovely note from our delightful server, Veronique. This was a beautiful reminder. Linda Duffy

Andrea McNaughton on

My husband proposed to me at L'Espaier and we are looking forward to spending our 1 year anniversary there!

Mauricio Jung on

I'm looking forward to being at L'Espalier during my visit to Boston next october.

Javier Bastos on

A veritable cornucopia of delightful tastes, smells, and sights. A symphony in my mouth. We could not have celebrated our engagement in a better place. Thank you.

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Foster McCarl on

We were guests of the Gallaghers on Nov. 2. The evening began at 7 and unfortunatley did not end until after 11 I believe you would agree that the time is excessive! We sat through several tables changing twice! Regardless the quality of wine and food the marathon would prevent me from coming again or would I recommend the restaurant to others! Fortunately for you Mr. Gallagher was a gentleman and paid his bill without comment. (It was a significant bill I might add) Shame on all who saw this sad evening unfold who ran the floor that night.

M. Yoho on

I had the most fortunate pleasure of dining here with two close friends on Dec. 5. Every aspect of my experience was outstanding - from the food and wine to the knowledgeable and gracious staff. And even though dinner was a long event, the time flew by. In a world where we're always trying to rush on to the next thing, it was fabulous to sit back and enjoy the entire evening. All accolades are much deserved!

Grand Webmaestro on

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Michael Singer on

My wife and I have dined twice at L'Espalier and both times were wonderful experiences. The first occasion was 9 years ago to celebrate the birth of our twins. The second time was 2 years ago for our tenth anniversary. I am looking forward to a return visit next month for another special occasion. The service, food and atmosphere make L'Espalier one of the best choices in Boston for that special dinner.

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Andrea McNaughton on

My husband proposed to me at L'Espalier and we are looking forward to spending our 1 year anniversary there!