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Home » Kevin Holland reacts to his no contest with Kyle Daukaus

Kevin Holland reacts to his no contest with Kyle Daukaus

Kevin Holland reacts to his no contest with Kyle daukaus

If I have to explain this fight in one word, I would say “Unfortunate” to describe it.

UFC Vegas 38 co-main event between Kevin Holland and Kyle daukaus come to an unfortunate end with referee turning it to no contest after reviewing the accidental head clash.

In the beginning Kyle played very smart game of shooting takedowns. However, Kevin did a pretty good job of defending almost every takedown attempt of Kyle.

While getting separated from kyle, Holland accidently clashed his head with him. Which knocked out holand partially but he quickly recovered and started defending it.

At this point referee Dan Miragliotta was going to stop the fight but he let it continue after seeing Holland defending the fight.

After few seconds Kyle wasted no time to take the back of Holland and submit him by rear naked choke.

However, following the tap from Holland referee Dan Miragliotta reviewed the unintentional head butt with judges and turned fight to no contest.

Kevin Holland reacts to his no contest with Kyle daukaus

Yeah, I mean props to kyle, he did a good job. I mean I’ve never head butt anybody and knocked anybody out. I had head butt in high school to a security guard and got kicked out of high school. So, I mean I’ll be happy to keep up with the UFC.

Said by Kevin Holland via UFC post fight conference.

Obviously we can see he doesn’t want to get kicked of UFC for his current losing skid. Now he has no wins in his last three fights.

Kevin looked great starting into the fight, his takedown defense was good. He also turned a clinch position but still kyle was controlling the most of the fight. Kevin believed he would have turned this fight and would have KOed him in this fight.

I felt great man, my supersonic hearing was on point. I was hearing everything around me. I heard coaches, I heard his coaches, I hear DC F*%king trying whisper way over there I herd everything.

Kevin Holland

I was feeling good, I’ve planned not getting taken down in first round. stopping every f*%king takedown and I would have played another spin in second round knocking him the f*%k out.

Kevin Holland

Kevin felt confident coming into this fight but it’s unfortunate to see such ending in here. Anyways, that’s it for this article if you like it then please consider subscribing us or turn on the notifications.

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