Nate Diaz trashes Ben Askren’s appraisal of Jake Paul’s boxing skill


West coast gangster Nate Diaz has once again taken a shot at Jake Paul’s boxing skills. This time, he responded when Ben Askren praised the boxing skills on Lex Freidman’s podcast.

“I knew that Tyron was a lot better in boxing than I was. And so I thought that there is a good likelihood that Tyron beats him up but there is a chance that Jake is kind of good at this. I think what played out is he’s kind of good at it.” Said by Ben Askren.

When this interview was published by, Nate took it to the twitter to troll Askren and Jake Paul. He Wrote “Coming from a retired wrestler who can’t fight or box”

Which is also true, Ben Askren is a good wrestler, but when it comes to boxing i would rate him -1 out of 10.

However, Jake Paul has also replied to Nate Diaz, Where he made fun of his losses in MMA. Jake Paul Wrote “you have 6 times as many losses as Ben Askren, Let that sink in”

Jake Paul was pointing at the 13 losses of Diaz and comparing it with only 2 losses of Ben Askren.

Askren had great run in One Championship and Bellator but failed badly in UFC with 2 back to back losses before being released from the UFC.


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