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Paulo Costa cites left bicep injury for his weight issue

paulo costa post fight press conference

Finally, the drama is over, the fight is over and we have Marvin as a winner.

In post fight press conference Costa admired the performance of Marvin Vettori. Also questioned the ref for cutting his one point on very first stoppage.

He also called Marvin durable because he couldn’t finish him in round 2 where he caught him really hurt.

Costa also explained why he refused to make his usual weight for this fight, “I came in a little bit higher in weight because I needed to stop some weeks of training, Because of injury to left bicep” Said by Paulo Costa.

When one of the reporter asked Paulo, does he feel like apologizing or saying sorry to Marvin for this weight cut issue, He laughed and said “No, Of course not, i came here and UFC suggested to fight at catchweight or 205 & i just said yes, lets go! i dont care for weight. So this is a fare fight. both fighter did weight at same day at same weight limit.”

In fact Paulo didn’t came in little higher in weight, he came in a lot higher than the expected weight. Paulo also responded to Dana’s comment of keeping me at light heavyweight. He said if i can make 185 then why not, i want to fight at 185 and win the belt and then move to 205.”

Despite his first light heavyweight fight Marvin delivered the fight to the hype and manged to gets Unanimous Decision victory in his favor.

Final scorecard Paulo Costa vs. Marvin Vettori

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