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Home ยป “Ring rust was the factor” GSP on Nick Diaz’s Loss to Lawler

“Ring rust was the factor” GSP on Nick Diaz’s Loss to Lawler

UFC 266 was electrified by the presence of Nick Diaz on fight card. Unfortunately, it does not played in the way that Diaz and his fans were expecting.

UFC Hall of Famer and one of the greatest of all time, Former welterweight king of UFC Georges St-Pierre has given his thoughts on the performance of Nick Diaz at UFC 266.

After staying away from fighting for more than six years, Diaz returned to face lawler to settle their rematch which was 17 years in the making.

Earlier Diaz Knocked Lawler out at UFC 47 in 2004, the two retaliated all those years later and Diaz lost in the third round to TKO.

Speaking to Kevin Iole GSP said he noticed the ring rust as one of the factor why Nick lost to Robbie by TKO at UFC 266.

I am under the impression that Nick left a lot of money on the table, unfortunately for him, because maybe his best years are behind him. For sure he was rusty.


GSP himself knows of long layoffs. After defeating Hendricks in 2013, GSP took a four-year break from his fight career before returning back to defeat Michael Bisping in 2017.

GSP and Nick had history of rivalry in the past which seems to be settled now and they were seen shaking hands before diaz’s fight at UFC 266.

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