Bread + Cheese

The breads at L’Espalier are made in-house. Please contact us if you would like to purchase some for your home.

Selections from the L’Espalier Cheese Cart are available to enjoy at home either by the piece or by the pound.

We also sell packets of tea from our L'Espalier Tea Collection. The current offerings include:

L’Espalier Afternoon Blend
This signature tea consists of a blend of Darjeeling and three Sri Lankan Estate teas as well as two Chinese green teas lightly scented with jasmine, Italian oil of bergamot and grapefruit peel.

Chef’s Blend
A unique blend of black teas from China, Sri Lanka and India, blended with a touch of fruit, Chinese herbs and chrysanthemum petals.

Boylston Breakfast Blend
Our signature version of an ‘English Breakfast’ tea consists of an assertive blend of Ceylon, Indian and Chinese teas. It was blended with milk in mind.

Gloucester Street Blend
Another L’Espalier exclusive, this assertive and smoky blend of teas is reminiscent of the old ‘Caravan’ blends. It is an ideal accompaniment to cheeses of all sorts, especially more pungent cheeses.

L’Espalier Masala Chai Blend
Another L’Espalier signature, this blend of Indian Assam and Nilgiri teas is enhanced by freshly ground spices. This blend is typically enjoyed with milk and sweetener.