Twenty-three dollars
Add a glass of Cuvée L'Espalier- $12.50

Swans on the Boston Common pastries
Lemon curd-raspberry tartlets
Miniature strawberry shortcakes
Assorted rooftop herb garden truffles: oregano, thyme, lavender and mint
Blueberries and mascarpone in a gingerbread shell
Viennese chocolate cake
Russian tea cookies
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard's orange flower-water macaroons
Traditional scones with clotted cream and honey
Chocolate covered strawberries

Thirty-two dollars
Add a glass of Cuvée L'Espalier- $12.50

All of the above pastries and petits fours


Tea sandwiches served on L'Espalier's home baked breads:
Cucumber and watercress
Smoked salmon, pickled watermelon and red onion
Nieman ranch ham and aged Camembert

Grilled lobster sausage with aïoli and nasturtium flowers
Stuffed peppers with English pea tabbouleh
Shrimp with Thai-peanut sauce on sweet potato chip
Foie gras crouton with roasted duck
Goat cheese and pistachio truffles

Fifty dollars

Traditional caviar service with brioche toast points, and blinis;
chopped capers, eggs, parsley and onion perfectly complimented by a glass of Cuvée L'Espalier

Twenty five dollars

Add a glass of Cuvée L'Espalier- $12.50

Assortment of cheeses from L'Espalier's award winning cheese tray;
served with traditional accompaniments

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