“…we are chasing perfection… cooking demands complete dedication-we are trying to find an opportunity at every moment to improve”
- F.K. McClelland

The philosophy behind L’Espalier and my cuisine is similar to that which is found in nature; each individual organism depends on another to operate successfully as a whole.

From the dishwashers to the chefs to the managers, no one entity is greater than the other. Everyone works as a team to create a memorable experience for the guest. I infuse my spirit into the restaurant each night as does the entire L’Espalier crew in an effort to provide a seamless, multi-layered experience.

My cooking is a reflection of the raw food materials that abound in New England. I am inspired and energized by the ever changing seasons and the opportunity to transform the menu accordingly. Like nature, my cooking is evolving all the time. I am constantly reviving techniques from days gone by and using them in new ways to create food for the way people live and eat today.