pastry chef

Leading L’Espalier’s pastry team, Chef Maureen Hobby, has a passion and love for pastry and design that is abundantly apparent in the desserts that she produces.  It was at a very young age that she began to develop a fascination for baking and chocolate work. This interest grew as she started at her local bakery in her hometown, Spring, Texas.

Maureen went on to study at Johnson Wales University in Providence, RI, where she received both her AA and BA degrees in Baking and Pastry Arts. It is through this training that she developed her skills in specialty cakes, showpieces and chocolate design. During her schooling Maureen was first introduced to L’Espalier when she worked a semester internship under pastry chef, Chef Jiho Kim.

After graduation Maureen was approached by former L’Espalier pastry chef, Chef Jared Bacheller, to join his team. It is here, at L’Espalier, that she has sharpened her skills and has risen from pastry cook, to sous chef and now to her position as head pastry chef.

Maureen’s style ranges from traditional to whimsical as she strives to make sure all of her desserts are fun and enjoyable for the guests. It is through her dishes that Maureen, and her team, leave a lasting and unforgettable impression on the diner.