Erich Schliebe

At the head of the L’Espalier pastry team, Chef Jared Bacheller promises a smile to every guest – even after the meal has ended –taking a whimsical approach on the restaurant’s elaborate and
intricate desserts.

Jared has always been surrounded by enthusiasm for the culinary arts; his mother ran a cake company out of his home as he was growing up, and he discovered his passion for the kitchen at a young age. He went on to study baking and pastry at The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to foster his love for baking.

During his time at the CIA, Jared began an internship at the prestigious Ritz Carlton in Boston. Upon graduating, he moved on to begin his professional career at the original Ritz Carlton where he worked for two years practicing classic French techniques before relocating to the second Ritz Carlton for an additional two years, this time training in contemporary skills. Following his time at the Ritz Carlton, Jared joined the team at L’Espalier as an assistant pastry chef.

For the past three years at L’Espalier, Jared has sharpened his skill through staging at a handful of notable restaurants, including: the UK’s Lords of the Manor, Denmark’s AOC and Noma, and New York’s Per se, Eleven Madison Park and Le Bernardin. Even with this foundation, his time at L’Espalier has had the most immense impact on his style, as he worked under former L’Espalier pastry chef, Jiho Kim, whom Jared considers his true mentor. His way of thinking about food, his
style and his technique were cultivated and refined under Jiho, who opened up his mind to the world of gastronomy. These life influencers, together with his experiences while traveling the world, have given Jared the unique vision to tie cultural influences with familiar childhood flavors to create an innovative twist on the desserts at L’Espalier.