Matthew Delisle

Chef Matthew Delisle developed a passion for farm-fresh food from a young age, exploring the outdoors near his home in New Hampshire. Although the New England native has been cooking for the majority of his life, Delisle is not in the habit of looking back for inspiration.

"For me, cooking is not nostalgic," Chef says, "it is not trying to recapture a memory, it is creating new ones."

By the time Delisle completed his studies at Harvard University, he was a culinary veteran, with a laundry list of experience working and running hotel restaurants all over the country, from the Hilton Mystic in Connecticut, to the Four Seasons in Boston, to the Mandarin Oriental in San Francisco. In 2004, Delisle spent three months touring Europe, where he furthered his understanding of the significant role food plays in European life and expanded his palate. Delisle then returned to Boston, and upon graduating in 2010 he renewed his commitment to the culinary arts as a passion that would fulfill him creatively.

In 2010, Delisle became Sous Chef at Frank McClelland's acclaimed restaurant, L'Espalier. Now Chef de Cuisine, Delisle's own commitment to raw foods is a perfect fit for The New France restaurant group's focus on farm-fresh food from McClelland's own Apple Street Farm. As Chef de Cuisine, Delisle looks forward to highlighting Apple Street Farm's crops as a focal point of L'Espalier's menu, while simultaneously increasing the number of fresh Boston seafood options on the menu.

Chef Delisle is most excited about making changes to the menu daily according to ASF's offerings, and is constantly focused on staying creative and raising the bar. Delisle draws inspiration from the chefs he has worked with in the past, as well as from rigorous study of books, ingredients, films, and philosophy. His secrets to managing a successful kitchen are teamwork, passion, dedication, and respect, and he aspires to understand food so well that he can push past perceptions and preconceived notions and "offer the same satisfaction from an onion as a caviar." With his drive, experience and commitment to creativity, Delisle is excited to contribute to L'Espalier's continued success.