Originally from Ghent, Belgium Nico Herregodts joined L’Espalier in 2001 after a long history in the restaurant business in Europe. A graduate of culinary school and a recipient of the “Sommelier du vin de France” title from Sopexa, Herregodts was chosen as one of the top Mâitre d ’s in Belgium and was awarded the Laureat de la Restauration de Belgique medal.

Herregodts’s culinary skills, wine knowledge and service experience combined with a natural talent for interior design made for a successful transition to restaurant proprietor. Herregodts owned and operated DE-3-TOREKENS, a French bistro style café in Ghent for 10 years before moving to Boston.

Well versed in foreign languages, antiques and interior design-Herregodts acts as L’Espalier’s impromptu “Style Guru”. Herregodts affinity for language (fluent in Flemish, French, English and German) is extremely useful in accommodating the international guests that frequent L’Espalier. His flair for design is invaluable when creating just the right setting for a special event at L’Espalier.

Herregodts lives in Boston where his love for food and wine are satiated on a regular bias and are surpassed only by his love for the Bordeaux and Champagne regions of France.