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UFC Fighters Predict Tyron Woodley Vs Jake Paul

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley, Finally the time has come. we all have been waiting for this match to happen.

With just a day away from the fight, we have brought you some interesting predictions from our favorite UFC fighters.

Henry Cejudo

Starting off with the Tripple C Henry Cejudo, he seems to be leaning towards paul’s side for his own reasons. Check out his prediction below.

I tell you what, i hate to say this, anyways you guys either hate me or love me jake paul is going to beat tyron woodley.

He further explained his prediction & does not believe that Twood has some skills to Jake.

This is the reason why, one is the gloves. the gloves are different, if it was with the gloves of mma the 4 ounce gloves of mma i would have given it to woodley. because he does have that right hand. and thats the problem he only has that right hand.

You gonna need the combinations i dont know what size of gloves. if they use 8 to 10 ounce gloves jake paul is training around world class boxers. he is around world class scientist.

Michael Chandler

Chandler seems one of those fans who wants to see jake get his a** beaten by Twood.

Number one weather you like jake paul or not like jake paul hats off to him for taking this fight. i thought obviously for me to get ben big payday and i wanted tyron to get big payday.

Michael Chandler

It will be a fun fight to watch, i’ll be tuning in but i think we gonna see hopefully which i wanted ben to do which is getting in jake paul’s face wear on him land some punches make it a dirty fight.

Michael Chandler

If anybody can do it is tyron i am hoping tyron gets to his face and knock him out.

Colby Covington

What i think is i know how tyron woodley is struggling for money he is gonna take a dive. he is not really gonna fight him, they gonna pay him couple million dollors under the table and he is gonna take a dive take a fall. they gonna hype up this snake paul as a great fighter and great boxer.but he is nothing more than a amateur joke and a sparring partner.

Colby Covington

kevin Lee

I gotta say woodley, you know thats my boy and i know him personally. uhh i dont like boxing fights but i gotta say woodley. i mean the experience is going to be way too much for him (paul) so i gotta say woodley.

Kevin Lee

Dana White

UFV boss dana himself has also given his thought on this fight. In ben askren’s fight dana was very open and supportive to ben for winning the fight. but this time he is staying away from it by not commenting anything.

Tyron woodley has a punching power and you know obviously he has put lots of dudes to sleep in his career. tyron woodley doesnt look like the tyron woodley of the past that putting everybody to sleep. he hasnt won a fight in 3 years, he is going to be 40 years old you know. but i will give it to him, atleast stepping in their with a guy who can punch.

Dana White

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